Hi guys! Today's inspo is my Spotify playlist. I'm presenting 5 meaningful phrases sang by greek singers. Enjoy!

greek singer, γιωργος μαζωνακης, and giorgos mazonakis image
George Mazonakis, "Min pas pouthena"
"I'm the masterpiece you've never seen: soul in the air and feet on the ground."
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Nikiforos, "Iposchesou"
"I gave you a great weapon: love that can destroy the world."
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Vassilis Karras, "Agapo ta lathos atoma"
"I only have one flaw: to love the wrong people."
Greece, greek, and mazonakis image
George Mazonakis, "Aniko se mena"
"I belong to me and to my dreams."
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Nick Makropoulos, "Zo alliotika"
"Don't even touch my life if you are afraid, nor if you want to sleep in peace. I'm living differently, in my own world, I don't fit in rules."

I got emotional. Hope you got too, or at least, hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading!