Welcome to my new article!
It's going to be my forth outfits of the week article.
If you want to read my previous ones, just check the links at the end of this article.

  • monday
jeans, fashion, and girl image fashion, pretty, and stripes image Temporarily removed aesthetic, brown, and tumblr image
At Monday I wore skinny blue jeans with long blue and white sweater. And I tried to make a messy bun.
  • tuesday
Temporarily removed jeans, shirt, and blue image Temporarily removed Image by Jacqueline Gonzalez
At Tuesday I wore black mum jeans with tye-dyed denim shirt.
  • wednesday
baby, beau, and beautiful image fashion, style, and white image girl, fashion, and hair image necklace, crystal, and accessories image
At Wednesday I wore dark blue skinny jeans with v cut white sweater and my crystal necklace.
  • thursday
Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and shorts image fashion, jeans, and style image beauty, follow, and hands image
At thursday I wore blue jeans and striped t shirt. Over it I wore the comfiest black hoodie ever!
  • friday
gold, inspo, and jeans image fashion, style, and aesthetic image fashion, black, and style image fashion, grey, and sweater image
At Friday I wore blue skinny jeans, black crop top with To Do List Nothing written on it and dark grey oversized sweater.

Sorry for some mistakes that I could make, but English is not my first language.

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