Hi dear hearter,

My very first article here was a "define yourself in picture" challenge. I liked it, and I tought it could be fun to do the same kind of article in a wicca / witch version, so here we are.
If you like it or if you want try it, go for it ;)
NB : I originaly wrote this article in french, but this is the english version of it. I hope you will enjoy it.

1. Style

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I have black very longs hairs, hazel eyes, and I wear so much black, maybe too much x) I like wear like all black outfit and put one touch of vibrant color like satured red hoddies for exemple.

2. Type of witchcraft

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Based on the @laurinrosee 's article, it looks like I'm a adept of kitchen craft and also energy craft.

3. Type of witch

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Once again thanks to @laurinrosee , I'm a mix between an eclectic witch, a kitchen witch and even a celtic witch.

4. Color

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I choose blue because it's the color of the psychic world, the world of the mind and the spirit, of perception, reflection, introspection, and sleep.

5. Sabbath

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My favorite Sabbath is litha, June 21st, it's the summer solstice, I love this time of the year when the nights are short and where the temperature is nice so we stay awake and outside until very late, moreover this holiday has a very beautiful meaning (the victory of the light on the night, all that all that ...)

6. Stone or crystal

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Not surprisingly, black onix is my favorite stone. Why ? Because he is sooooooooo great ! The black onyx increases selfcontrol, helps develop a sense of responsibility. It brings strength and support in difficult times, it helps the emotional stability and brings harmony. It absorbs negativity and avoids depression and in addition the onyx treats the disturbances of the root chakra and allows its opening.

7. Flower, plant, tree, ...

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I hesitated between lavender, a very positive plant, easy to use and very easy to find where I live, and myrrh. And I'm going to say that this time it's myrrh which wins because it symbolizes hope triumphs over suffering. It is very used to heal, bless, consecrate and purify ... but above all it has the particularity to "regive life" to a broken protection and restore its strength. Which is badass.

8. Element

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It's hard to say, I have often asked myself this question, and the fact is that for the moment I do not feel more connected to one of the 5 elements than to the others. Water, fire, air, earth and spirit are for me all connected to my rituals, and my practice of magic although they are well distinct and different.

9. Animal totem

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I think my totem animal is an owl, and more precisely an barn owl. I do not know why, I think I've always felt it. I have this owl tattooed on my right thigh. The owl is associated with: intuition, the ability to see what others do not see; to see beyond deception and masks, wisdom, curiosity for the mysteries of life, the unknown, the connection with the "higher self".

10. Personality

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I am not the kind of super positive social person who always goes to others, I am a great adept of sarcasm but that does not mean that I am naughty do not worry. Loneliness does not bother me on the contrary I know how to appreciate it, and I am very attracted by the large "wild" spaces which seem to me generally calm and which transmit a feeling of very pleasant serenity. I am what is called a "night owl", I spend my time reading, writing, listening, learning a lot about everything. That's what I like.

11. Lifestyle

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My lifestyle is quite ordinary, at the moment I do not have many hours of work so I get up and hang out at home, I take care of my plants, prepare me sachets of herbal teas (winter and his viruses you know what I mean) I read, watch series, research to flesh out my book of shadows, and I go out at night with my friends.

And here we come to the end of this tag / challenge / article :) As usual I hope you liked it, if you have any questions do not hesitate to send me a message, and if you like the concept, do not hesitate to do it yourself :)

A plus dans l'bus !

article of @laurinrosee
my french version of this article