This is one for the devout Christian, Muslim or one who has some inkling for Abrahamic religions, except for Judaism. Why not Judaism? Because, as a religion and as a race, Hebrew people are different from the others (Gentiles). The three primary Gentile races of the world, Blacks, Whites, and Asians, all trace their origin from one united group of beings - Our ancestral Gods, who have uplifted humans through genetic engineering. Jews, on the other hand, are a product of a different group, as their writings attest, and as a consequence, this article is not aimed at them.

Now, as the vast majority of religious people in Europe and the Middle East can tell, "God/Allah" is not only the creator of Humanity, but the creator of the entire Universe and maybe even more; a singular consciousness, ever watching, ever caring, and all-powerful.

The reality, however, is far from this. The Universe is not the product of a God character, but an ever-evolving ocean of consciousness, also known as Brahma. Our creator is an advanced spirit who, through His power, has given us the opportunity of joining a community of enlightened beings, to become their brothers and sisters. These beings are the Daemons, and our creator is Satan.

You might stop reading right here. However, be warned that the god you pray to is nothing more than an egregore; A thought form that gets fat from your prayers. This siphoned energy is then redirected by the high rabbis, who are the ones maintaining the oppressive system that we experience almost everywhere on Earth.

If the god Yahweh, were as powerful and benevolent, we would not be living these times. An all loving entity would not let the children of the Earth suffer and die in misery. Would you? If not, that puts you squarely above this wretched entity.

Humanity's link to its creator has been severed. This was caused by a subversive invasion. The pseudo-religions called Christianity and Islam have been imposed on the native populations, and as a result, the people now see the ancient Gods as some etheric monsters. Abrahamic religions are nothing but a blatant insult to Lucifer and the other Daemons. These so-called "religions" rot the mind and soul. Both Islam and Christianity are recently invented systems that promote death and carelessness. The only difference between them is that one is designed to annihilate the other. Anyone reading the Bible or the Koran with assertiveness will reach a similar conclusion.

Hebrew scholars have developed both these books. How can human values derive from a set of arbitrary rules written by a people who never find peace no matter where they settle? These are lies. Real morality sits within one's soul. The soul has been designed to guide Humanity towards spiritual evolution, but also towards a sustainable civilization in stewardship for this beautiful Earth.

Who's gnawing at the foundations of society if not the rats that have crawled inside all of its systems of control and influence? Satan is not able to fully manifest because the Earth has been isolated. The Jews are agents of the malefic force who's maintaining this quarantine. They control the banking systems, almost all forms of media, and hold influence over near every government in the world.

However, we can escape this dire situation and change our fate. We are more powerful than we're led to believe. But we can never reach our potential if we remain at the "sheep" level. The human body is the key that can change our lives and also remedy the global situation. Love yourself, know yourself, and you will conquer the world. All Gentiles should unite in spirit for the purification of the Earth!