hi guys! here is how i cleared my skin (and i'm still doing it) from acne! i have a combination and acne tendency skin, so an oily skin on the T zone of the face and constantly with pimples :(
before we start: i'm italian, i'm so sorry for any mistakes

cleansing your skin

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cleansing your skin is EXTREMELY important to cure acne. use a natural cleanser when you wake up and before going to bed. it's better to get one from a known brand like lush, the body shop, mario badescu etc... i use angels on bare skin from lush (lavander and rosmary, really natural)

don't use much your scrub!

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scrubbing your skin is o.k but is very important not to scrub your skin everyday: ur acne won't improve and your skin will be constantly red. my advice is to use it once or twice a week. i use ocean salt from lush.

the divine night cream

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go to a pharmacy and buy an acne night cream or ask for a good one to a dermatologist. they work really well, but don't be extra with the pharmacy's products. the next morning wash it off! put it on just when your face is clean. they are a bit expensive but they work.

the toothpaste and lemon tips are a JOKE lol

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they say that if you put some lemon or toothpaste on a pimple will disappear. that's rudely fake. lemon will make your skin just red, please use toothpaste on your teeth not on your face.

change your pillowcase

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changing your pillow case frequently will reduce your acne, cus sleeping everyday on a lot of bacteria will just increase it.

drink water&sleep&don't touch your face

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i know you're tired of hearing it. drinking water will nourish and make it glow! to drink a lot of water add a bit of essence of any tea flavour you like. (with no sugar) in simply words, by drinking a lot of water you'll get gorgerous skin!
sleep! at least 8 hr a day. if you really can't try to sleep in the car instead of using your phone all day long.
don't touch your beautiful face! you don't even imagine what kind of bacteria that causes acne do live on your hands.

wash your hair!

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never leave your hair oily by not washing it, if you notice pimples near it will appear. ik that washing your hair frequently is not healthy for it, but at least try to tide up your hair whenever you have the occasion.

lush really can save your skin

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a lot of lush's products are really good for your acne, please try them. the best thing is that they are completely natural. (natural products are way better than the chemical ones)
this are the lush products that i own:

*angels on bare skin (cleanser)
*ocean salt (scrub)
*breath of fresh air (toner)
*grease lightning (gel spot treatment)
*mask of magnaminty (face mask)

go and visit their website on the skincare section.

eat healthy

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eating healthy is important for your skin. i advice you to eat a salad every day as second meal at dinner, if you really can't. when you're hungry eat an orange or any fruit you like.

make homemade smoothies!

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the best is to make a healthy smoothie everyday but it's also okay to make them sometimes a week. vegetables smoothies with tomatoes (it is a fruit), carrots are really good. fruit smoothies with bananas, avocado, apples, mango, strawberry, blueberry etc. are really good. just use any fruit you like.

aloe vera gel

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aloe vera gel & aloe in general is DIVINE for your skin. i put it on twice a day and it works like heaven. the first time is before i do my makeup and the second one is after i take off my makeup, right after school. PLEASE TRY IT YOU WON'R REGRET IT. the aloe vera gel is not expensive and you can find it in a spice shop, supermarkets or in internet.

food that causes you acne

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*fried food (a lot)
*any tipe of fast food (a lot)
*mayo (a bit)
*bread (a bit)
*meat (a lot)
*milk (a bit)
*food with sugar (a bit)
*eggs (a tiny bit)

this food causes acne in general, but at the end it really depends on the person. u have to know which food causes you acne.

does makeup cause acne?

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it depends. i mean, cosmetics like foundation cause acne, but like i already said, you have to find out which cosmetic causes you acne. i advice you to buy foundation from the pharmacy (the quality is really good too) but the best is to use none of it or a bit, just to make sure it won't clog your pores.

don't pop them!

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popping pimples will just make the situation worst! it's better to hide them. just cure them with some products like clay masks or mario badescu products but don't pop them pls.

tea tree products are really good.

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try any tea product you want, they are really good i swear. i have a spot stick. you can find a bunch of them at The Body Shop.

acne doesen't make you ugly!

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acne is completely normal and no need to be ashamed of. acne dosen't define you.
acne is normal.
acne is normal.
acne is normal.
acne is normal.
acne is normal.
acne is normal.
you're beautiful anyways, and people who don't understand it are stupid and infantile. you're beautiful, and good luck.