hi guys! my name is ZOE and i'm french
it's my first time here, but i already fell in love with this app who is so cool
i mean, there are a lot of inspirations, and if you love fashion, music, articles, art, series, caring of ourself, weheartit is the best! anyway, let's just introduce myself :)♡

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my name is zoe, and it's mean "life" in greek. but i prefer when people call me ZHOU, because it's cute and sweet and well, i do really like this nickname. i'm french.. yes. i mean, french is cool, the words are poetic, but english is not my native language so it's hard for me to write and speak this language. i leave next to paris, and i really like this city because for me, it's the fashion's city and the art's city.


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i love fashion, art and music. i listen to all types of music but especially kpop, funk, chill and jazz. i write some books on wattpad about love and reflexion of life. i entered the world of high fashion a short time ago and i really fell in love with it.