Hello everybody,
I have seen many "My Name In..." articles and I really love it, so I will try it myself. Hope you enjoy it!


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I really love the northern countries in europe, I really wanna go on a roadtrip soon to travel trough as many as possible and see the beautiful landscapes and cities


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Scotland is one of the places I want to visit alone, I feel like the Country and it`s cities can teach you something about yourself.


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I love the character that France has, it seems so cute and gallant, I was in France twice now and I have seen Paris and a few smaller cities, but I want to visit Lyon next, because my father lived there for a while and he loved the place.


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As the Netherlands are very close to my home in Germany I have been there several times, I feel like the cities are very artistic and I love that about them.

New Orleans:

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New Orleans is one of the places I wnt to see because of it´s aura, it is so colorful and lively. Another thing is the voodoo cult, I think it is very interesting to see.
I hope you had fun reading my article