c o u n t r y

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed wroclaw, poland., and places on the world image Image by Vanilli

p a s s i o n / h o b b i e s

book, hipster, and nook image Temporarily removed travel, coffee, and map image guitar, music, and summer image
reading, writing, travelling, singing and playing guitar

k n o w n _ l a n g u a g e s

Temporarily removed afternoon, elena, and espana image london, flag, and england image beautiful, paint, and red image
polish, spanish, english, portuguese (basic)

g o a l s

kiss, ring, and wedding image baby boy, birth, and child image girl image ancient, british, and clock image
get married, have three babies, watch FCB match at Camp Nou, visit UK

s t y l e

fashion, jacket, and style image fashion, style, and necklace image fashion, style, and black image lips, piercing, and lipstick image

f a v e

fc barcelona, pique, and fcb image Image removed one direction, zayn malik, and Harry Styles image Image removed
FCB, Bollywood, One Direction, Harry Potter

t h o u g h t s

quotes, book, and words image Temporarily removed quotes, life, and live image quotes, phone, and life image

m o v i e s

love rosie, love, and quotes image Temporarily removed Image removed amanda seyfried, gif, and mamma mia image heath ledger, 10 things i hate about you, and movie image sophie, amanda seyfried, and film image
Love Rosie, HP and The Prisoner of Azkaban, Holiday, Mamma Mia!, 10 things I hate about you, Letters to Juliet

b o o k s

Temporarily removed book, hunger games, and catching fire image lauren oliver and delirium image book, books, and cecelia ahern image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
HP serie, The Hunger Games, Delirium, Love Rosie, The Selection, Divergent

f o o d

Temporarily removed Chicken, pasta, and pesto image Image by Khristina Temporarily removed
margharita, pasta with chicken and pesto, muffins, fruits

d r i n k s

wine, red, and drink image chocolate, drink, and food image coffee, flowers, and drink image Image removed
red sweet wine, coffee, hot chocolate, tea