Hello Hearters,

I know I am late again, but I had been very busy during the last week and very tired too. But I am here today and I am going to write a page of a diary for the 23th day of this challenge.

Here it is.

26th March 2018

Dear diary,

Today I feel like I don't wanna do anything but I wanna do everything. It's the evil Monday sentence, like every Monday in which I wanna be someone else, I wanna live, but I am also tired and I wanna spend every minute of this day in my bed.
I don't know why exactly, maybe because Sunday leaves on me its pieces. Maybe because it's the only day in which I go out, I do things with my family, I dress up and I feel productive.
Monday is the only day n the middle of a long (sad and being alone) week and a single day in which I can feel I wanna do everything and I wanna stay with people.
I think this situation it's very sad. I don't know why, maybe it happens because I feel so far from all my family. Maybe If I lived there, I would life less alone.
This is the bad side of living in a big city: more people around you, but more people who are feeling alone. It's very different when you live in a little city and I see it throught what my family says.
I feel like I am stuck between a mentality in which I don't know if I wanna leave my bed or living on it.
I don't know what do and I can't stop to think about talking to a psichologist for all my social, wealth and inner problems. Maybe it can help me, but I don't know if it is a good choice and how to tell it to my parents.
"I don't know." it's my reply for everyhing.
Somebody knows how to help me?

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Thanks for listen to me, dear diary.
See ya soon.

- themermaidwriter.