This week we have Venus conjuncting Uranus in the sign of Aries on the 28th followed by the Sun squaring Saturn on the 29th. Very late on the 30th, Venus enters into the sign of Taurus.

On the 31st we have the second full moon for March, making it a blue moon. This full moon will be at 10° Libra.

We end the week with the Sun conjuncting Mercury in the sign of Aries and Mars conjuncting Saturn in the sign of Capricorn. All times Central Standard Time (CST).

Happy Easter to those celebrating it.

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This continues to be a pleasant time for you, when everyone wants to reach out and connect with you. Midweek you may feel the urge to rock the boat somewhat, but you are unlikely to alienate anyone at this time. Work may seem a chore near the end of the week but by the weekend you are likely fired up and focused on how you can improve your standing in the workplace. Treat any delays as fortunate, particularly in regard to career or when it comes to how you are perceived by others (including make-overs).


This is likely to be a quiet time for you, when you are taking much more of a backseat in general. News from overseas, or in regard to a legal or educational matter may jolt you out of your self-induced hibernation the second half of the week. Come the weekend, you are looking fabulous and a little more inclined to put yourself on show. The weekend sees you more interested in broadening your horizons in some way.


Spending time with friends is fun, enjoyable and exciting, particularly midweek. Old friends may resurface at this time, and some may fall for a friend this week. Some will find themselves drawn into a secretive romance at this time. Near the end of the week, a dispute or disagreement in regard to shared money or finances may cause some upsets with one friendship. Getting control over your joint finances is likely to be top of your priority list near the end of the week.


Your career is likely to remain the key focus of your attention at this time and you are likely to be doing well. Midweek is a great time to showcase your innovative and creative side in the workplace. You may need to ensure that you partner (business or romantic) is getting all the due attention that the deserve at this time, or you may face some backlash. Near the end of the week is a great time for networking and catching up with friends. Near the end of the week is a great time to get down your thoughts of what you want to achieve in the workplace.


The arena of far horizons continues to call you at this time, and some may find themselves involved with someone from a different country or culture. The possibility of hearing from someone from a different country or an old school friend are high at this time. Near the end of the week, your star is likely to be on the rise at work somewhat. You may find that you have to deal with some jealousy or tension with co-workers though.


You could be in for a very nice surprise midweek. This is very likely related to finances in some way, although it could also be about emotional bonding with a partner. The desire to expand your boundaries will be strong from late in the week. When it comes to working on a pleasure project, you will have the patience and discipline to achieve what you want. Some may have trouble with children, but will have the right frame of mind to deal with any problems.


Your focus is very much on your partnerships at this time and midweek may bring you an unexpected surprise when it comes to this area of your life. You may feel pulled between your family and a partner near the end of the week. Over the next month, emotional bonding with your partner is likely to deepen. Over the weekend, treat any delays to do with a home or family matter as a potential bullet dodged.


Midweek may prove to be an eventful day in the workplace, with some exciting news coming to light. It may also be in the arena of your health and fitness that you receive some unexpected good results. This may prove to be a little short lived with increased worrying or communication issues a day or so later. Relations with your partner are likely to improve considerably over the next month with both of you feeling very loved up.


The good times continue to roll, and midweek may find you with a very pleasant surprise indeed. The only real problem you may face may be in coming up with the money to do all the exciting things you want to do. This may have you rethinking your approach to money and committed to sticking to a financial budget. Over the next month, your relationship with co-workers is likely to improve and the desire to spruce up your work space will be increased. For others, health and fitness will take a higher priority as you want to put your best foot forward.


Your home and family continue to get the lions share of your time and attention this week. Midweek, a surprise in relation to your home or your family may have you feeling upbeat and excited. Your creativity is on the rise late in the week, and finding an outlet for it will bring you a lot of pleasure. Near the end of the week, the tempo of your day to day interactions with family will increase, as there will no doubt be many discussions you need to be a part of.


Your day to day errands and communications are likely to increase at this time. Midweek, you may have surprising news come your way that puts a smile on your face. The desire to beautiful your home is likely to be stronger over the next month and many will be caught up with redecorating. Near the end of the week, many will be researching a project, possibly related to travel. Make sure to double check all deals for the fine print, as you have a higher liklihood of missing all the finer details at the moment.


Money is likely to continue to go well for you at this time. Midweek, you may even be on the receiving end of a nice sum of money, or receive news that has you feeling really good about yourself. Over the next month, your communication skills get an upgrade and your ability to charm others increases. Over the weekend, savings are on your mind again, and you may be drawing up a budget to help you achieve a special dream.