Hey everyone! Today's article consists of movies that I have watched, and that I really recommend you to watch as well. I hope this article helps you! When you are bored or if you just want to pass time.

Movies to watch

1. Wonder Woman

Image by Linzi wonder woman and diana prince image beautiful, celebrities, and sexy image DC, gif, and justice league image
-Honestly this movie is so inspiring and beautiful and I just loved it!

2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them

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-I also really recommend this movie but I suggest that you read the Harry Potter books or watch the Harry Potter movies before watching this to understand better, but you don't have to.

3. Black panther

gif, Marvel, and movie image Image removed Mature image black panther, city, and Marvel image
-This movie is really historic and is a MUST WATCH! I loved it!

4. Orphan

different, orphan, and quotes image aesthetic, black and white, and edit image orphan, horror, and blood image aesthetic, black, and dark image
-This movie was an ACTUAL horror movie, I loved it a lot but don't watch the trailer because it's not that great, the movie is awesome though. Don't watch it alone :)

5. Jumanji

movie and jumanji image Image removed Image removed Temporarily removed
-This movie is one of my favorite ones! I really love it and recommend it. I mean it has The Rock in it, do I need to explain any further?

6. Pitch Perfect

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed quotes, pitch perfect, and sad image gif and pitch perfect 3 image
-I loved the first and second movie of this movie (lmao) but I didn't really like the 3rd one because it was quite short and yeahhh

7. Home Alone

pizza, home alone, and food image shut up, home alone, and movie image kevin, home alone, and playboy magazine image Image by EmilyKing
-This movie is a little old, but GOLD, I really loved watching it.

8. The Karate Kid

karate, kid, and movie image Temporarily removed Chan, movie, and smith image Image removed
-OML this movie is amazing! Beware, it made me cry though :(

9. The Princess Bride

boys, caption, and gif image amazing, awesome, and gif image movie, movies, and the princess bride image Image removed
-Another amazing one!

10. Mean Girls

Image removed mean girls, drugs, and lindsay lohan image mean girls, regina george, and rachel mcadams image mean girls, movie, and grunge image
-Watch all of them!

Anddd... that's about it! Thanks for reading my article and feel free to message me any requests for another article!