I'll be honest.

I never thought he'd leave. I was just writing articles about him and laughing with him. Everything has changed from yesterday to today. My boyfriend, as I can just call him, told me on the phone yesterday that he wanted to take a break. He thinks he has less feelings because I have become his everyday life and he no longer appreciates it.

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Well... there's nothing I can do. My heart is broken in thousands of pieces and I don't know what to feel. I can't take any more. He says he loves me and it's gonna be okay, but I wonder how? How am I supposed to just keep going like nothing happened? How's that supposed to work? Does he just want to show up and apologize to me again? I don't know if I can do this.

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Right now I don't remember anything except that I love and miss him. I know I shouldn't, but damn it, I thought we were getting married later. He told me he wanted to have a child with me now that we could be together forever. I mean hello? I'm not a toy! I'm so scared to lose him... 💔