Hello! This is my first article. I found this "challenge" and I think its fun. So I try it out! Hope you'll like it as much as I do!


Tokyo, Japan

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Before, I only wanted to go to Japan because of its food. But after watching Pewdiepie's vlog when he went to Japan, I saw how beautiful it is. And now, I want to go there not only for the food.

Rome, Italy

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As a devoted Catholic, Vatican, Rome is one of the places I wanted to go to.

Istanbul, Turkey

istanbul image istanbul image
I believe Turkey is a beautiful country and I would like to got there someday.

Xanthi, Greece

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I know its going to be difficult to look for a place that starts with X. Then, I found this beautiful Greek city in the internet. I always have a soft spot for Greece.

Islamabad, Pakistan

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Eastbourne, United Kingdom

art, beach, and pretty image travel, eastbourne, and eastbournepier image
The beauty of nature and art.

Madrid, Spain

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Athens, Greece

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One of my favorite Greek cities, the city of the goddess of wisdom.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Riyadh looks fun...

Ibiza, Spain

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All I know about Ibiza is that its got beaches and full of parties. Well, I'm not that kinda girl. I'm more interested in arts and culture. But let's see...

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Image by Marina Rodriguez architecture, old town, and royal image
The architecture is just...

That's all. This is kinda long because I used my first and second names. Its a bit tiring but I had fun. And I hope you did, too. Thanks for reading!