Hey my babies, I hope you are all doing well. Yes girls, we are gonna talk about something so important; knowing your power. I know, believe me I know sometimes you feel down, like you can not do anything, you are gonna fail or you have no chance in this life. But my babies know your power, you are strong enough, smart enough, YOU ARE ENOUGH. And I cry too, just like you, I go crazy sometimes too, just like you and that is okay, you do not have to be strong all the time. You do not have to be perfect the way they wanted you to be. You are perfect just the way you are. You are perfect with your flaws, your failures and with your imperfections.
I remember Gloria Steinem said " Do not think about making women fit the world - think about making the world fit women. " So be yourself, because that is what makes you, YOU. Love yourself. Always remember there is just one you, nobody else can be you. So be the best you. And remember there is always gonna be someone who does not want you to be successful, they will not like you to talk back, they will want you to sit and do what they want. Know your worth, stand up for yourself. You are important.As a young Muslim woman, so many people think that I am wearing my hijab because my family force me to. So many think that I am not able to go to school. Oh my Lord, maybe there are ones thinking that I am dumb. But what happens If I overthink about what they think about me? That will make me crazy. And even If I am a perfect woman, there is always gonna be the ones who will say something about me. And I know you have your stories. So know your power.
It does not matter what your race, your religion or your sexual preference. We should love ourselves and each other. Lets lift each other up. Lets have our girls back. Spread kindness. Lets help each other and maybe be that chance to a young girl who believes she has no chance. Let girls go to school, let them be what they want to be, let them enjoy.

Yunus Emre said;

We love the created
For the Creator's sake
Love y'all, E.