Hey there lovely!
Today I am here to talk about changing my life.

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You don't have to go through the dark to make your life a littlebit more light. This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I was always waiting for something to happen to me so I could change. But I realised that I really don't need a "sign" to make myself happy. And you neither. If you think you need a sign, this is it.

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A week ago I decided to shift. I wasn't happy with the way my life was going and I realised that if I want something to change, I am the only one to make it happen.

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I decided that I was going to better my lifestyle. I am a person who gains weight very easy and who has a taste for unhealthy foods. For 2 years I have been dieting and non-dieting on and of and it is exhausting.

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So I decided, not anymore. I know that I have been saying this so many times to myself but this time it was over. So I put on my workout clothes and went for a run. When I came home I told my parents and my brother. I also told my best friends and my boyfriend. So now that everyone knows, I need to make it happen. Everyone was so supportive and sweet and my mom even decided to make the change with me.

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This article is really hard for me to write because this is a very sensitive topic to me. I write this a week after making the decision because I felt like it was too much to share it online. But after only a week of changing my lifestyle, I already feel so much happier. So this may be sensitive or scary, but if i can inspire even one person to be happier and to nurture themselve better, this is worth it.

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A little disclaimer: I didn't change my lifestyle because I wasn't happy with who I was/am. I changed it because I love myself and I know I deserve it to treat myself better. We are these beautiful human beings and I would never try to convince you to change te way you are.

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Love and nurture yourself

- Nicky