Describe a typical day in your current life. I chose a regular Wednesday, Thursday or Friday as I don't have school on Monday and Tuesday. Have fun reading :)


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I wake up and say hello to my boyfriend. Then I put my polaronesie on and go to have breackfast. I usually drink tea and eat biscuits while looking at the weather and Instagram.


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I go back to my bedroom to dress. Sometimes I know how to dress so it is really fast, sometimes it takes me like 20 minutes just to chose ^^.


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I go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth, hydrate my skin, put some make up.... and try to do my hair. Ususally it is just shaping some curls that get cruched in the night, or tie it in a bun.


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I prepare my meal, put it in my tiny my bag, take my laptop and take the subway to school. I join a friend on the way so we chat. We start lessons at 8:30 and have a little breack at 10:00. Then we have lunch at 12:00. Usually, we speak about series and movies, food and what we have done during the weekend. We start lessons at 13:00 and finish at 16:30.


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I'm finally home ! I sometimes work then do my daily connection on several website, then spend time on We Heart It and Pinterest. My boyfriend comes back so we chat while being each on our computer. I also use this time to write in my bullet journal.


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We star cooking, unless the recipe is very quick to do. I like this moment because we are together and we can talk a lot :)


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We eat on the couch, in front of Netflix. When we're done, we clean the dishes together and then go back to Netflix. Sometimes I play on my tab, sometimes I embroider at the same times. I can't just seat and watch.


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I go to the bathroom, have a shower, brush my teeth and go to bed. I read about 30minutes while my boyfriend plays on his phone. Then we say goodnight and sleep :)

Thank you for reading <3
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