Hiii! I wanted to share with you my morning routine... soo? Yeah? If you enjoyed it please vote and follow me :) thank you :))

6:35 am: Wake up

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I wake up around 6:35 am, although, the first thing I do is go on my phone for like 5-10 minutes or so. So I don't really get out of my bed until 6:40 am.

*6:40 am: Bathroom time"

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In the bathroom, I sometimes take a shower in the mornings and when I do I take about 15 minutes. After I brush my teeth then I wash my face in the sink because I was told that it's different washing your face in the sink and in the shower.

7:00 am: Walk my dogs

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I have two dogs, a 7-year-old mixed chihuahua named Lucky. I honestly don't know what his breed is, I think it's like a long-haired mixed chihuahua? I'm not quite sure, I'm trying to search for his breed. Then my other puppy is a 1-year-old Maltese poodle named Leo. We had two previous Maltese dogs named Louis and Lily, Lily gave birth to like 7 other Maltese poodle and since we gave Louis and Lily away, we decided to keep one of the puppies as a memory of them. Leo is actually named after Leonardo Dicaprio, and yes I was the one who named him :) He also is a lucky pup because he was born with an extra toe on his left paw.

So yes, I take them outside to potty to make sure they don't potty inside the house or else I'd get my a*ss whooped. Then after, I make sure both of their bowls are filled with either water and food.

7:15 am: Makeup time

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I don't do like a full-on glam look at school, I go for a simple look cause I ain't trying to impress nobody in hell. I would just put on foundation, powder, mascara, and contour. Just the basics.

7:30 am: Get ready

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At this moment, I do my hair. I usually straighten my hair every single day but I now realize how much damage I do to my hair so I try not to use heat anymore but maybe once in a while I will. So from now on, I just let it flow naturally. I have like curly poofy hair so whenever I brush it through, It looks poofy and I hate it. But there are times where I would just braid it and just do some type of hairstyle to it. I check my backpack, make sure I have everything then put on my shoes.

7:45 am: Leave the house

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7:45 is actually the time the first bell rings at my school so I'm basically late every day but that's okay because, in my first period, I am a teacher aide so yeah :) As you can tell I don't really eat but that's because I eat at school.

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