Okay so this is just a random rant because of some situations that took place today that really irked me in ways I cannot explain and I need to bitch and moan about them for a sec....

So I know that a lot of people can relate to this but for me I guess I just don't know why (some) people that I choose (or even not choose) to associate with, act like I'm so desperate for friends? Or even act like I need them more than they need me. Like some people really think that I would be so hurt by them telling me they don't want to be my friend or want to hangout, like what is that? And whats even crazier is that I've legit observed and seen a pattern of people actually trying to go out of their way to make sure that I'm hurt in any way, by them rejecting me, so that I can beg for their friendship or attention!!

Image by Ashli Morgan

None of you on here really know me, but I hope that I will get to know new people on here because of these articles and communities of people who can relate to the same things, but for those on the outside who do know me, personally and not-so-personal, know that I am pretty mature for my age, even some would say too mature at times, and that I am also a very observant, yet simple person when it comes to certain situations. So the fact that some people that I know, formulate these ridiculous opinions or have preconceived notions about me and think that I am desperate for friends or desperate to have attention just seems like a whole lotta whole lotta.

Now I know anyone could say, "thats life, get over it. People are always going to have something to say or think about you and there's really no controlling what people want to think." I get that, BUT, what on earth makes a person so entitled and stuck on themselves that they really believe that I need them so bad, or need their friendship so bad? There's NEVER and I mean never going to be a time in my life, whether at the highest of highs or lowest of lows, that I will EVER chase after people, beg for people to stay in my life or in a relationship! It just won't happen because guess what?If I was fine before I knew you, I'll be fine after. My best friend gave me words of wisdom that really made sense, which was, people are only in your life for seasons, and when you've gone through that season, you outgrow people and at the end of it all, if they're still there for you through all your trials and saw you through thick times, then you know that they'll always be down for you, but if they're choosing to only come around when the opportunity suits them or is convenient for ONLY them, then you don't need them in your life. I also know that I will not put up with bs from people who are just plain irrelevant at the end of the day.