You may have been asked to sit up straight several times at the dinner table. That might have been the first wakeup call for you.

Bad posture is not only damaging your spine but can also cause other health related issues.

What Is Bad Posture?

It is an unnatural positioning of the spine. This positioning puts an emphasis on the curves, causing stress to the joints and vertebrate.

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Causes Of Bad Posture
  • Weak core muscle
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Occupational need
  • Stiffness in joints
  • Weak muscle
  • Poor sitting and standing habits

Impacts Of A Bad Posture

Pain And Soreness

You tend to ignore the added burden on your spine and muscles when you are slouching on the couch. Slouching causes soreness and pain in your muscle. They seem manageable at first, but if left untreated, can lead to chronic pains.

Chronic pain in the lower back is a common result of bad posture. Bad sitting and standing habits puts additional stress on the spice, which causes lower back pain.

Poor Blood Circulation

Your reading posture might help you finish a novel in one night, but it inhibits proper blood flow.

For example, women tend to cross their legs while sitting. This position is considered formal and is followed by many. But in reality, this posture builds pressure of gasses and fluids in your body which can cause spider veins, swollen legs, and back pain.

Posture And Personality

A posture can reveal a lot about a person. For example, a study associated low self-esteem, fear, and bad moods to people who had a slumped posture.

It also determined that people with good posture were less likely to exhibit bad moods, compared to those with a bad posture. A slumped posture undermines personality, and is commonly described with negative adjectives.


Mental and physical stress is a symptom of a bad posture. Bad posture disturbs normal blood flow; this can lead to decreased level of testosterone, and an increase in the level of cortisol. This causes an increase in mental stress.

The physical stress caused by the bad posture can also be a contributing factor to the mental stress. If your body is continuously in pain, then mental stress will also increase.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Spine is the command center of your body; it controls the function of your arms and limbs. Carpel tunnel syndrome can be caused by compression of the median nerve located in your arms. It starts with numbness and tingling in the fingers, and spreads throughout the arms, eventually causing loss of motor function in the arms.

Digestion Problem

The organs bunch up together when you slump or hunch over. This makes digestion difficult and can even cause constipation.
Constipation weakens your metabolism; this slows down the conversion of food into energy. This leaves your body with less energy, causing fatigue.

How To Fix A Bad Posture?

With proper excessive and mindfulness, you can attain a perfect posture.

Adjustments At Work:

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  • Your screen and seat should be at a comfortable height and distance
  • Get an arm and feet rest for your office
  • Keep objects in an accessible place
  • The screen should be at your eye level
  • The seat should provide adequate back support
  • Rest your arms on the armrest while typing

Adjust Your Spine

  • You can do a number of exercise to remedy your bad posture like:
  • Bridges
  • Back extension
  • Stretches
  • Side leg raises

Another effective and pain-relieving method of attaining a good posture is chiropractic care. It is the manual adjustment and manipulation of spine. Experienced practices like Shelby County Chiropractic (Dr James Stapleton DC) can help you with your back and muscle pain, and ensure a good posture after few therapies.

If you are slouching while reading this, call 502-633-1073 for back pain relief Shelbyville ( and start your journey to a perfect posture.