Hey guys! :) today I felt inspired to make this aesthetic challenge based on this article:

It was so much fun! but actually kinda hard lmao since I like way too many things and I couldn't decide what to add + some lettters were a real challenge but that was the cool part so here are the results! ♡ :


art and girl image art, flowers, and aesthetic image nature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
A is for Art


I just couldn't pick one so...

flowers, pink, and amazing image flowers, summer, and sea image Temporarily removed flowers, red, and aesthetic image
B is for Bougainvillea
fireflies, forest, and glow image Image by ➶ beach, blue, and nature image blue, beach, and sea image
B is for Bioluminescence


clouds and sky image clouds, sky, and aesthetic image rainbow, sky, and clouds image blue, cloud, and scenery image
C is for Clouds


food, cake, and aesthetic image food, aesthetic, and cake image food, chocolate, and pancakes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
D is for Dessert


Abusive image aesthetic, alternative, and art image flowers, heart, and aesthetic image panic! at the disco, quotes, and panic image
E is for Embroidery


nature, mushroom, and snail image Blanc, Bleu, and mushroom image mushroom, nature, and forest image colores, colors, and hippie image
F is for Fungi


beauty, blossom, and flowers image berries, blue, and colorful image Temporarily removed country life and cottage garden image
G is for Gardens


flowers image flowers, pink, and nature image beautiful, blue, and flower image beautiful, blue, and floral image
H is for Hydrangea


animal, bird, and forest image beautiful, bird, and oiseau image animal, beautiful, and bird image bird, red, and sky image
I is for Ibis bird


bullet journal, art, and inspiration image flowers, journal, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed drawing, plants, and art image
J is for Journals


fashion, pastel, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fashion, style, and aesthetic image
K is for K-pop fashion


Temporarily removed light, christmas, and winter image light, blue, and photography image christmas, lights, and holiday image
L is for Lights


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed art, vintage, and painting image art, painting, and aesthetic image
M is for Museums


flowers and water lily image flower, lily pad, and nature image lily, pads, and pond image flowers and nature image
N is for Nymphaea


rainbow, grunge, and tumblr image holographic, rainbow, and colorful image Temporarily removed rainbow, colors, and water image
O is for Oil spill


sky, summer, and palm trees image palm trees, theme, and tropical image california, dark, and exotic image Temporarily removed
P is for Palm trees


quotes, yellow, and sun image quotes image quotes, words, and love yourself image Temporarily removed
Q is for Quotes


girl, alternative, and flowers image Image by valentim Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
R is for Retro cameras


desert, sand, and nature image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed white, plants, and green image
S is for Sand


summer, ocean, and sea image flowers, beautiful, and pink image summer, beach, and sea image beach, summer, and flowers image
T is for Tropical


amazing, city, and hong kong image city, light, and night image hipster, indie, and insp image city, purple, and aesthetic image
U is for Urban


Image by DayanaAngel38 Temporarily removed lava, volcano, and nature image Image by ➶
V is for Volcano


travel, summer, and tropical image aesthetic, nature, and waterfall image green, nature, and theme image theme, rp, and nature image
W is for Waterfall


This letter was hard but I had to squeeze SVT in some way lmao so...

Temporarily removed Image removed Seventeen, minghao, and the8 image kpop and Seventeen image
X is for Xu Minghao


This was also hard :(

beautiful, japan, and sea image road, sea, and summer image Temporarily removed church, japan, and travel image
Y is for Yamaguchi


This one was the hardest I believe

flower, red, and zinnia image Temporarily removed bokeh, color, and colorful image monarch butterfly and zinnia flower image
Z is for Zinnia

You should def try this out and tag me I would love to see your article <3