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- I hate people.
- That's why we're friends.

All here pupils are pupils of life
My God, you

Ruth will be able to distract her while we light the fire and sing the mantra monotonously.

There will come a time when you will not want anything more than us together. When you are freed from your fears and nothing stops you.

The boys are stupid, and the girls are alone in trouble.

Let him go. If you truly love, let go.

You will love him to death.

I can not destroy her dragon, not knowing where he is, so I'll just be around.

In spite of everything, I loved you and will love you.

You know, people are lying. To ask for forgiveness is not any easier. Not at all.

Here he stood in front of me, in exquisite clothes, with flawless features and still looked like a self-righteous prince. But now I first noticed that his crown was in cracks.

A friend in front of a friend: a healer and a destroyer, day and night.

This guy I loved. A little disheveled. A little broken. A wonderful misfortune.

What fun from suffering, if you keep everything in yourself.

Noah pretended not to feel anything, because he felt too much.

Boys are a bit unbearable

There is always a choice