Hello Dreamers! I thought it would be fun to do a Bucket List article. This is the shortened version because I have a few dreams and places I would like to achieve and go to before I die, so here it is; My Bucket List...

Visit New York

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This one has always been a 'must go' place.

Learn How To Surf

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Surfing looks so fun and must be such an amazing skill to have.

Go On A Road Trip With A Friend

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I couldn't do a road trip alone!

Write A Book

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This one is a massive goal I'd love to achieve.

Ride A Horse Along The Beach All Day

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I would do this with either a friend or alone.

Become An Architect

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I would love to become an Architect. It's a dream I've held onto for years.

Own A Rabbit
(This probably sounds silly)

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I would name my rabbit called Copper.

Visit Paris, France

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Paris seems like a beautiful place to go.

Go To Miami, Florida

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Just chill in the sun on the beach...

That finishes off the article. Hope you all enjoyed. Make sure to check out my Articles Collection!

Amearli xoxo

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