How can I start with this story? it's was my freshman year in High School and I felled in love with someone I didn't know would change my life so first I wasn't okay with being in a relationship but at the end of the day I wanted someone by my side. Him and I went to Homecoming, Dates, everything it was perfect for an outsider to say but it actually wasn't why? Because the longer we were together the harder it became because we would fight all the time, and we never had a normal conversation for him it was all about sex 24/7 and believe me it gets boring after a while 7 months later I ended it because I was stressed out I was tired of being in a relationship with basically a sex addict. When I ended it I thought we would get back together because that was our thing to break up and get back together but no... he ended up meeting this girl that is a hoe and fucks every guy that runs her way once I found out I begged him not to be with her because she was just using him for sex or idk plus she hated me which is funny because we never once talked he said he knew and that he wouldn't date her but 2 days later they get into a relationship and it crushes me because I had told him everything about her and he didn't care... things happened but I don't wanna talk about it anymore it's been a month and I'm happy where I'm at I made new friends that make me happy and that's all I want.. but please never beg a guy/girl to stay with you just because you think you'll die without them because it's not true yes it's gonna hurt but you'll find someone better.. I promise :))