Nobody asked but I saw the #ThisIsMeChallenge going around so now I'm doing it

1. Personality

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2. Style

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I would wear these things if I wasn't so broke lmao

3. Color

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4. Passions

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shows, books, music, writing

5. Music

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ome of my favorite groups are Red Velvet, NCT, BlackPink, and LOONA

6. Dreams

architecture and building image friends, the dreamers, and run image quotes, book, and happy image Image by egenur cansel_lucis

7. Books

books image harry potter, book, and coffee image aesthetic, tumblr, and lunar chronicles image Temporarily removed book, tea, and vintage image Mature image
A whole lot of my favorite books are left out but my top series include The Raven Cycle, Harry Potter, The Lunar Chronicles, The Infernal Devices, the Lara Jean series, and Rick Riordan's books

8. Movies

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Some of my favorite movies include Love Simon, The Imitation Game, Fantastic Beasts, Anastasia, Harry Potter, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, Baby Driver, and any Marvel movie really

9. Shows

10. Lifestyle

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