I just want a place where I can say what I have inside of my heart (yes I'm a little bit dramatic)

I've been in kpop like 5 years if my math doesn't fail me. I started been Boice like a few month when I found Teen Top and I so proud of them, I'm Angel for 4 years, I've been giving to them all the best of me for those years. Yes, I like others groups, but no one can beat Teen Top so easily, I tried to stan VIXX, BTS, EXO, SHINee, GOT7, SF9 and so many more but no one was like Teen Top BUT after the departure of Byunghun is not the same, !! I'm not saying that I was in the fandom bc Byunghun !! TT was and are in hiatus for long long time and apart from that their activities in sns are not so active as it should be. The last year I meet NCT, they called my attention bc WTF like 40 members in a group? then I saw their debut that was amazing btw, but that what the only thing that I made with them, everything was fine until here. I support TT with HIGHFIVE promotions, but suddenly they got into a hiatus, and I was like ''It's okay boys, I will wait for you like always'' and here I am, waiting them. But coming back with NCT, I was bored one day and I start to watch their NCT LIFE, Cherry Bomb promotions came back and I said ''I will give them a opportunity'' and the only think that I can say is that I love them, the 18 of them, yes, I'm not blaming TT for not doing something, I blame TOP MEDIA for not gave them the respective promotions that they deserve and I know that one day that they make a comeback there I will be, supporting them like a truly Angel that I'm still am. and I will not drop NCT never in my life bc there is no coming back

So, if someone read all this I just want to say thank you. I feel like ''guilty'' bc is the first time that I stan two groups, and I don't want to other people said ''you drop them so easily'' ''you never was a truly fan'' ''fake angel'' or something like that. Maybe yes I'm dramatic but this is like my relief of this topic.

Now... bye and don't sleep on Teen Top and NCT, they are a super talented groups

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