hey glitches, so i've noticed that this #thisismechallenge has been getting really popular on we heart it lately ? so in my efforts to push me to doing my essay and outline at the last minute I decided to do it too. hope you enjoy

basic facts

themes, rp, and rpthemes image lol, school, and ap classes image sad image tired, grunge, and sleep image art, eye, and painting image disney world, discovery cove, and typhoon lagoon image
yeah i'm bi hmu. I also take ap world, psych and pre-ap english and next year i'm taking ap u.s., ap language, and ap european, i have derealization disorder and insomnia, I want to pursue a carrer in art, and I was born in Maryland but now live in Florida... kms.....


hair, blonde, and california image accessories, architecture, and black and white image girl, tumblr, and blonde image freckles, girl, and glitter image beauty, moles, and pretty image dark circles, dead, and depressed image
dirty blonde wavy/curly hair, blue green eyes, pale skin, ance, freckles, and real bad eye bags. imagine all of these beautiful girls combined and way uglier


90s, bitch, and retro image 10 things i hate about you, movie, and quotes image friends, chandler, and quotes image amazing, meme, and mood image grunge, hate, and school image quotes, laugh, and trust image
Im sarcastic as fuck, curse a lot, and have bad trust issues, but I love my friends and love talking about things i'm passionate about


gemini image art, calm, and chaos image castor, constellation, and gemini image astrology, cancer, and gemini image
gemini: sarcastic, inconsistent, restless, and quarrelsome, but also inquisitive, imaginative, funny, and intelligent


blue, aesthetic, and dark image green, aesthetic, and city image purple, lilac, and theme image dark, dark red, and fate image
navy blue, neon green, lavender, dark red


declan mckenna, alternative, and boy image Image by mae catb, catfish and the bottlemen, and van mccann image Mature image Image removed gorillaz image
declan mckenna, mike krol, catfish and the bottlemen, modern baseball, nirvana, gorillaz. This one was impossible I have at least a dozen more than should be on there

style (or at least what I want)

Mature image fashion, outfit, and grunge image fashion, outfit, and grunge image fashion, style, and outfit image
yeah what ever the fuck you call this (edit: i've named it punk rock sad boi)


moth, black, and bug image gif, shark, and blue image dog, cute, and animal image sea, ocean, and orca image animal, axolotl, and sea image Image by Victoria 🦋
moths, sharks, dogs (especially pitbulls and I will fight you if you tell me otherwise), orcas, axolotls, snakes


space, dark, and black image music, aesthetic, and theme image book, reading, and vintage image art, paint, and colors image analog, film, and cock image book, coffee, and writing image
astronomy, music, books, art, film, writing


quotes, life, and kill your darlings image lady bird, Saoirse Ronan, and gif image quotes, eyes, and i origins image 10 things i hate about you, movie, and 90s image quotes, the perks of being a wallflower, and aesthetic image coraline and movie image gay, kiss, and boy image aesthetic, fashion, and rose image
kill your darlings, lady bird, I origins, 10 things I hate about you, breakfast club, perks of being a wallflower, coraline, I killed my mother, amelie

tv shows

skam, even, and isak image jonathan groff, tv shows, and mindhunter image Mature image intense, black mirror, and tv show image quotes, mr robot, and cry image Mature image james, teotfw, and Alyssa image james franco, quotes, and grunge image
skam, midhunters, everything sucks!, black mirror, mr. robot, stranger things, end of the fucking world, freaks and geeks


authors, covers, and bookcovers image books, creepy, and home image books, challenger deep, and neal shusterman image Image by mae Abusive image quotes, j.d. salinger, and book image art, book, and dante quintana image Image by mae
we are the ants, ms peregrines home for peculiar children, challenger deep, at the edge of the universe, the outsiders, catcher in the rye, aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe, the monster of florence. I read a lot of gay space books.

anyways, as always, thank you so much for reading and make sure to check out my most recent article down below: