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Birthdays are honestly,a big deal & undoubtedly so special! To make your B-day extra special, try dressing up; this will be the perfect excuse to finally wear the dress or heels you bought a while ago - but just didn't find the occasion to wear them; or if you have no fancy outfit waiting for you in your closet, show yourself some self love! treat yourself to a new outfit (of course, it doesn't have to be super expensive) & take some bomb instagram photos. If you need some help putting together the perfect birthday outfit, then check these looks below:

Outfit # 1

This first outfit is giving off major Parisian street style vibes! its a great outfit to rock if you wanna go for a chic look on your birthday. This is the perfect day time outfit if you've got a special birthday lunch planned for the day with your besties.

Style a black spaghetti strap crop top with white comfy wide leg pants - to achieve a practical but fashionable look. Accompany your outfit with black ankle strap heels & accessorise with a black over the shoulder bag and a black beret: to instantly add a sleek & on-trend touch to your entire look.

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Outfit # 2

A Pastel pink dress is a sweet & cute colour to wear on your birthday. Pair your dress with a fun & white faux fur coat. Match your dress with pastel pink ankle strap faux fur heel, and throw on a white over the shoulder bag. Add some heart-shaped hoop earrings to go with the theme of your "girly and fun" look.

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Outfit # 3

A bodycon- over the knee - sleeveless dress, and thigh-high boots ticks all the boxes if you're going for the trendy "Instagram baddie" look. The black slim framed cat eye glasses adds a cool & eddy touch to your outfit. Add a belt bag to your look - which will not only be a practical accessory, when you're out and about with your friends - but its also perfect if you want to find a way to accentuate your waist - plus, it makes you look seriously fashionable.

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Outfit # 4

A little black dress is awesome to wear for a special birthday dinner. You can't go wrong with a little black dress; its a timeless & classic piece, and you're guaranteed to look effortlessly sexy and elegant. Throw on some black ankle strap faux fur heels to your look.

Include some silver floral statement earrings to your outfit, to instantly enhance the chicness of your look, and, of course, finish off your outfit with a black over the shoulder bag.

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Outfit # 5

This fifth outfit is perfect if you wanna take some seriously cool birthday instagram pics. Its also an awesome day time and night time outfit for your birthday. Simply wear a basic white-tee - preferably one with minimal & tiny writing on it - to avoid the spotlight from being taken away from the bold burgundy colours that are supposed to be centre stage for your look.

Add a leather mini skirt with your white-tee and layer it with a burgundy faux fur coat. Match your faux fur coat with burgundy ankle sock boots. A bold coat & burgundy statement heels work together to create a balanced outfit. Finish off your look with a black baker boy hat & a black over the shoulder bag to offset the colour of burgundy in your outfit, in order to avoid an overload of colour in your outfit.

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