Alex Cain

Boyfriend of Finn Romano
Rush and Mira are his Celestials

Uses over-confidence to mask insecurity. Pessimistic. Explicit. Can be rude/ aggressive and a bit of an asshole. Somewhat cocky. Over all chill and fun to be around. Dirty/ dark humor. Daring/ rebellious; dislikes authority. Mouth can sometimes operate faster than brain. Smart but you wouldn't know it. Very sarcastic. Has a hard time expressing emotion; doesn't let people in. Dislikes large crowds. Acts like he's really cool. Really horny. Acts like he doesn't care about people but really does; loves deeply. Doesn't give a shit attitude. Mommy and Daddy issues.

Aes- Nosebleeds, bruised knuckles. Lives in hoodies, ripped jeans. Skateboarding. Grey. Energy drinks. Sushi. "Suck my dick" . Strong arms; gives good hugs. Great kisser. The thrill of youth. Minimalist tattoos. Hopeless crushes. Exchanging glances. Dirty converse. Glares. Feeling your heart beating in your chest. Mint and chocolate. Swears excessively. Wears earbuds 99% of the time. Vortex of chaotic thoughts. Staying up really late; late night conversations. Empty bus rides.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Age- 15
Birthday- April 19 (Aries)
Height- 5'5
Hair colour- Brown
Eye colour- Green