Hey, there fellow hearters.

It feels like an eternity since my last article and I want to apologize. I've hit a massive bump in the road in my life, and everything has happened so fast that I haven't found the time or energy to write anything.

To keep things short, my father had a major stroke that left him paralyzed from the neck down, and there is no hope for him. It was up to me to decide his treatment options. So I've made the brave decision to take him off all his medications, keep him on painkillers and sedatives, and eventually, he will pass away. Pain-free and peacefully.

And it could be days or weeks now...

Now everything is up to me to arrange his funeral, take charge of his belongings, and sadly, go to court for unfinished business in the family.

When I get back on my feet, I will write once again. I love you all, and the amount of support I've received on my last articles have been incredible. I couldn't ask for better followers.

Till the next one,
- Cass <3