Finn Romano

Boyfriend of Alex Cain

Happy, optimistic sunshine boy. Flirty but innocent. Shy for no more then two minutes. Great chef; likes to cook/ bake for loved ones. Gets along with everyone; sociable. Loving and peaceful. Very accepting. Doesn't get weighed down by negativity for too long. Forgiving. Radiates joy and warmth. Can be over emotional and over sensitive. Caring. Imaginative mind. Hates not being trusted. Loves to be loved. Slight Italian accent

AES- Yellow soft curls that smell like citrus. Ridiculously adorable. Soft boy. Likes physical contact; hugging, kissing, cuddling. Hates his laugh but it's contagious. Tan skin. Gelato. Golden Sun. Fields of flowers. Soft brown eyes. Van Gogh; paintings. Likes art and poetry. Getting really excited about things; glowing smile. Sleeping in; cozy things. Cooking shows. Denim jackets. Stealing your boyfriend's sweaters. Warm breezes. The smell of something freshly baked. Warm glow; emits happiness. Tinted lip balm. Soft, clear skin. Nice, Long lashes.

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Age- 15
Birthday- July 20 (Cancer)
Height- 5'5
Twin brother- Leo Romano
Hair Colour- Dark brown
Eye Colour -Brown