Hey guys, long time no see.
Today im going to talk about my favorites songs of Disney movies, hope you like it as much as i do

  • Beauty and the beast – Something there
  • Beauty and the beast - Be our guest
  • Beauy and the beast - Gaston
  • Beauty and the beast - Belle
disney, beauty and the beast, and belle image
  • Cinderella - Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨
  • Monster Inc - If i din't have you
monsters inc image
  • Moana - How far i'll go
  • Moana - Your welcome
  • Moana - Where you are
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  • The lion king - Hakuna matata
  • The lion king - I just can't wait to be king
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  • The jungle book - The bare necessities
disney, the jungle book, and mowgli image

Ok guys that's like my top 10 of my favorites disney songs, hope you like them as much as i do, thanks for reading, love you all xx