I never be skinny in my whole life, when you are a kid that things didn't matter: the only thing it does is playing all day and have fun. But when you get older, your world change; you have the role model of a gorgeous skinny woman who wears the most amazing outfits. So you look at yourself in the mirror and notice that you are nothing like her. Not only you, other people too: girls start to exclude you, boys don't even look at you and clothes that fits you are ugly.

I didn't get stuck with the “oh my god, I´m ugly, I´m fat, nobody will like me”. NO. If I don't like me or don’t feel good is because I have to change something. So I look what I eat and realize that it was not healthy and that I was not taking care of my body. Also I didn't work out much and I know that I could do better. So I change the way I eat and start to work out by my own, not because others otherwise for me.

At the beginning, it sucks! I always think “why am I doing this?” But then I learn that if you want something you gotta work hard for it, no one is going to come and “save you”. So if some work out was difficult, I try it, again and again. I have a goal and I was determined to achieve it.

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I don't want you to make the same mistakes I made:

You don't have excuse to not work out: if you don't like running, walk. You don't like to go out or don't have the time, with a few clicks you could do a work out routine watching videos in Youtube. You have to go to a place, instead of drive your car or take the bus, ride your bicycle or walk. Find a sport that makes you happy. But don't stay with the idea that you CAN'T work out.

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Eat healthy, taste new food, eat fruits and vegetables. If you don't know how to start go to a nutritionist, this professional will guide you to eat the correct food according to your age and weight. That didn't mean that you will never eat again your favorite chocolate or cake, no, you can have a cheat day where you can eat it.

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If at the beginning, it didn't work, continue. If someone is constantly telling that you can´t, continue. Because the results will pay off, so be disciplined and trust yourself, you are worthy and you deserve to be healthy and happy.

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All tipes of bodies are beautiful. You are beautiful. No one has the same curves you have or your long legs. Work it! The world is your runway! If someone tells you the opposite, they don't know how to appreciate beauty. And that's a shame for them!

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I don't want more girls hating herself, choosing dangerous methods to lose weight and falling in illnesses. I want to see you happy, loving yourself, healthy, improving your limits and discovering that you are capable of everything.

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I'm not saying that skinny people don´t have problems, every person is a world and as it, has problems. I'm telling this from all the experience I have. Apologies for any grammar mistake, I´m not a native English speaker.

Frau Neuer.