Hi My name is Tatiana as you can see up there but everybody calls me Tati. I'm new to this whole article thing lets see how it goes. A thing you should know about me


K-pop is a Huge part of my life. It all started like around 2016 I was bored on YouTube you know how it is and I come across this guy if you know K-pop you know who I'm talking about right? JREKML well i came across him reacting to BigBang - BANG BANG BANG and i was like..... No what is this bye i clicked off the video. Well that whole day the song was stuck in my head i had to go back watch the whole video that how it all began now i Love them V.I.P For life.. Omg and the new song Flower Road I cant even #BigBang Check it out >>https://youtu.be/wowAOdTYqw8

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BigBang My whole World

I'ts not only BigBang they are so many i cant even keep track like.. Got7

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My Babies

They are so cute like i can't the new song Look is a Fire, fuegoo , bop, Lit... Everyone shoud go watch the music Video >>> https://youtu.be/sS0LCjOiIhc
So much more like ikon, Winner. Bts, MonstaX, Exo..... ,I will stop here because If i continue to tell you about everybody I'll be here all day and i wont mind because I Love talking about what i love.

Guys write to me if you like Kpop or don't like it and why?, tell me your first reaction to kpop i want to know.(Btw I'm super shy at first but i love talking to people) Oh and maybe tell what should write about next time.If you like.