*mind you this is for my favorite members in a group; i love all members equally!
(B:Bias,BW:Bias wrecker)


hair, sally, and selfie image mina and gugudan image
left) sally,BW;right) mina,B


Temporarily removed kpop, eunseo, and cosmicgirl image exy, girls, and k-pop image
first row left) luda,B;first row right)eunseo,B;second row left) bona,BW


girlfriend, sinb, and gfriend image Temporarily removed kpop, umji, and gfriend image
first row left) sinb,B;first row right) sowon,B;second row left) umji,BW


gg, kpop, and makeup image beautiful, girls generation, and Hot image
left) hyoyeon,B;right)yuri,BW

Red Velvet:

red velvet, irene, and kpop image red velvet, RV, and seulgi image
left) irene,B;right)seulgi,BW


Nancy and momoland image kpop, yeonwoo, and momoland image jooe, momoland, and 모모랜드 image
first row left) nancy,B;first row right) jane,BW;second row left)jooe,BW


blue, edit, and gif image rose, blackpink, and kpop image


kpop, seungyeon, and clc image clc, eunbin, and kpop image crystal clear, kpop, and clc image
first row left) seungyeon,B;first row right)eunbin,BW;second row left)sorn,BW


twice, kim dahyun, and dahyun image Inspiring Image on We Heart It twice, tzuyu, and kpop image
first row left) dahyun,B;first row right) jihyo,B; second row left) tzuyu,BW