Check out the official press release for the #FearlessGirl release in Oslo, Norway, here!

By Kristen Visbal,

The unveiling took place at 11 am Oslo time. The sculpture was bought through C. Ludens Ringnes Foundation, funded by Christian Ringnes. The art collector donated more than $70 million for the creation of a large sculpture and cultural park, which opened in 2013 called Ekbergparken. However, Fearless Girl was placed in the center of town outside the Grand Hotel in Oslo, on the Karl Johan main street. The sculpture greets hotel guests but, faces the Parliament building, again sending the message of and call for diversity and collaboration between genders in decision making.

Kristen Visbal, creator of Fearless Girl, states this is the first in a series of International placements of the figure. Placed in an effort to continue the message of diversity and the need for collaboration between genders for the global good. Visbal intends to strategically place the Fearless Girl figure in key public venues, on corporate campuses, and in educational facilities around the world.