Rush Volkov

Husband of Mira Amos
Celestial of Alex Cain

Carefree. Confident. Funny. Generous. Outgoing, lively, vivacious. Always happy. Theatrical, loves preforming and is great at it; incredible singing voice/ vocal range. Does not get mad easily; makes people smile/ feel good effortlessly. Energetic; excited. forgetful. Isn't very focused; has ADHD. Immature; rarely ever serious. Flirtatious. Cares deeply about the ones he loves. Complimentary. Charming. Values loyalty in a relationship. Never a dull moment with him. Doesn't care what others think about him. Easily brightens any room he walks into. Makes friends easily, people tend to gravitate towards him. Loves to dress up; does drag

AES- Clear, sparkling water. Waves, surfing. Diving into the pool on a hot day. Lemonade: soda. The most beautiful smile. Puns. Singing at the top of your lungs. Gummy candy. Loud laughing until your stomach hurts. Bright, starry eyes. No shame. Finger guns. Tight hugs. Never not humming/ whistling/ singing. Cheesy pick-up lines. Ice cream. Procrastination. Fast food. Messy hair.

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Age- 126
Birthday- December 13 (Sagittarius)
Height- 6'3
Master- Singer
Hair/ eye colour-