I thought it would be cool to do one of these articles to express myself in a more creative way on here, so I chose a few different topics to make it more interesting rather than just doing one. Enjoy!


H - Honeydew
A - Aquamarine
N - Navy Blue
N - New York Pink
A - Amethyst
H - Hot Pink

fruit, melon, and delicious image blue and gem image blue, theme, and ocean image flowers, pink, and rose image city, purple, and light image flowers, rose, and pink image


H - Hedgehog
A - Arctic Fox
N - Narwhal
N - Newt
A - Antelope
H - Hummingbird

cute, animal, and hedgehog image fox, cute, and snow image narwhal, animal, and ocean image amphibian, lizard, and newt image animal, antelope, and gazelle image bird image


H - Hannah Montana (a classic)
A - Alessia Cara
N - Nicki Minaj
N - Nick Jonas
A - Austin Mahone
H - Halsey

hannah montana and miley cyrus image short hair and alessia cara image nicki minaj, Queen, and mtv image nick jonas image austin mahone image halsey image

TV Shows:

H - How to Get Away With Murder
A - American Horror Story
N - Ninja Turtles
A - Agents of SHIELD
H - House of Cards

caption, gif, and quote image ahs, american horror story, and tate image gif, romance, and eric christian olsen image art, ninja turtles, and love image agents of shield and Marvel image films, house of cards, and movies image


H - Havana - Camila Cabello
A - All I ask - Adele
N - New Rules - Dua Lipa
N - Needed Me -Rihanna
A - Autumn Leaves - Chris Brown
H - Him and I - G-Easy & Halsey

havana, camila cabello, and 🌈 image Adele and all i ask image dua lipa, new rules, and background image rihanna, quotes, and needed me image album, autumn, and chris brown image quote, halsey, and g eazy image