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Waking up I always wake up with an uplifting beat. As soon as I open my eyes I play my Spotify playlist named “Morning Vibes” with my essentials; such as Queen's “another one bites the dust”, Prince’s “when doves cry” and Jackson’s classics, since it helps me start my day with really good vibes.
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Drink water I can’t stress enough how important water is. In the morning is the best thing to do half an hour before you eat in order to help your metabolism work better. I have a bottle of water in my nightstand and as soon as I am ready to get out of bed I drink it all up.
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Working out and Showering I don’t always work out in the morning. Yet, in those cases, I lay my yoga mat and I do a 30 minutes tabata routine I found online. I usually wear an all black nike attire and drink water. In the shower I will use a more perfume shower gel so I can skip perfume.
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Skincare and Makeup I usually use my day cream by vichy and then use a sunscreen with SPF50. Then I’ll use mac pro longer concealer in NC15 to cover my dark circles and spots, vichy x dermablend loose translucent powder to set my face and then clinique’s blush and highlighter to give my face a little colour and dimension. Then I will use my ABH brow pomade to lightly fill my brows and my final step is a lipgloss or a semi dark lipstick.
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Getting dressed Dressing up in all black with maybe a touch of grey. In daily bases I wear my vogue watch, two diamond rings and a pair of small hoop earrings and I carry my black trussardi jeans tote bag. Also, I tent to wear my quay x desi sunglasses.
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Breakfast Last step before going to university is actually driving to starbucks and getting a mocca coconut ventifrapuccino Light with Almond milk, without flakes inside nor on top and a croissant. That is what I eat for breakfast

Kisses xx