I'm tired of crying at 2 in the morning.
I'm tired of feeling like failure,
like I'll never be good enough
I'm tired of people not understanding me
I'm tired of silence
I'm tired of feeling lonely
I'm tired of hiding in the night so that no one hears me crying
I'm just tired.
I'm 18 and I'm ired
I feel like a failure
I can't.
I just want someone that loves me
I'm tired of feeling worthless
I just need someone that cares
I don't if I'm asking for too much, I just need someone that needs me, that thinks that I'm beautiful, and makes me smile. Someone that asks me everyday if I'm okay? If I'm eating well, if I have watched the new series. I just want someone that cares,.. I need someone to talk to, someone that will try to understand me.
Because as stupid as its sounds I want to feel loved
I want someone that will stand by me
Am I asking for too much?
xxoo Lonely Girl