Day 1: Write some facts about yourself

Fact 1: I L-O-V-E books!

book book Superthumb book
Like, I have such a huge passion for books! If I had time, I would try to read every. single. day!

Fact 2: I'm a cheerleader!

Superthumb 80s
And I'm proud to be one! I hate the stereotypes that they used to put us in though :( Cheerleaders are WAAY more than a pretty face

Fact 3: I love the color rose gold :)

bed beauty nike Superthumb
I mean, who doesn't?? It's such an aesthetically pleasing color!

Fact 4: I want to live in London or Paris

fashion Superthumb Big Ben breakfast
They're are such beautiful cities and all the beautiful photos I can take I mean, hello? That magnificent view?!

Lastly, Fact 5: TOP, Food, Netflix, and Road trips.

Superthumb Chicken Superthumb Superthumb
My favorite band, what I do when I'm bored, the only app with GOOD tv, and road trips are awesome.

Welp. Thanks for reading, tune in tomorrow and uhhh...

That's it. BYEE X3