Hello EXO-L's:

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of our most important persons, Kim Minseok, our sweet baozi, to me he is one of the most versatile members and despite of him being the most quiet EXO member he truly can do it all.

He shows love, passion, dedication and hard work in every comeback and i think Xiu is one of the most improved memebers in the group. Other thing that is really remarkable about Minseok is the way he takes care of the people around him, not only with his memebers, but also with the younger idols in SM, and the respect he gives to his seniors he is a true fanboy! lol

Of all the things about Minseok my absolute favorite (and one of the biggest reasons of my respect for him) is how smart he is, despite of being a super busy guy, member of one of the most succesful groups in the world, he has the time to finish his doctorate program, proving that not only is a great artist, but also an intellectual.

For all of this and more we celebrate the amazing life of Kim Minseok, we love u, your eris will always be here for you and your brothers.