The news about Jesus spread all over Syria, and people brought to Him all those who were sick.
— Matthew 4:24 ERV

News. We hear it all day on TV, the radio. Social media platforms as Facebook and Twitter make sure we get updated every single moment so we won't miss out on anything. In other words it's very easy to spread news nowadays. But how were things back in the days of Jesus ? Obviously the people back then didn't have access to social media and tuning in to CNN was also not an option as there was no technology back then.

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Spreading the Good news

You know that feeling when you shopped at that cute boutique and were able to get amazing stuff and just feel like sharing it with everyone you know (even those you don't lol) or that new restaurant who serves food that literally came from Heaven ?

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Guess what,

this is exactly how news was spread back then. People were amazed by this 'random guy' who was able to heal all the sick! I can only imagine how the first people that got healed went around to tell all their relatives and friends what just had happened to them.

And Jesus went throughout all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues an proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction
— Matthew 9:35 ERV

Maybe they were struggling with their sickness for months or even years! And all of a sudden there was Jesus, healing them from diseases not even (professional) doctors could heal them from. I mean c'mon surely they felt the need to share it with everyone who wanted to hear because such great news couldn't be kept to themselves!

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So if people who were living like 2000 years ago, could spread the miracles of Jesus by just using their mouth, what stops us from doing so ?


we have access to so many platforms/technology, all we gotta do is make one click. It takes one simple click to write or share a post. We as humans tend to think we are caring by nature. Yet our actions show otherwise. We are worried about the opinions of others or don't feel the need to share the things Jesus has done and still cán do.

I'd love for us as a church to stop thinking about what other people are thinking and start act like the people back then who were unapologetically spreading the news of Jesus arrival and brought all the sick to Him.
(I will make another article of how to spread the Gospel soon!)

Let's bring those who are sick (physical ánd spiritual) to the Lord today so they can get healed and the news about Jesus can be spread!

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As we like to say nowadays

¡Hasta Pronto!


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