I have watched quite a few ¨romantic¨ and ¨teen shows¨ over the year. I kept trying to watch shows that will live up to these and realize that there are very few teen shows out there that are actually good or that realistically portray a teen's life. So I want to share a few of my top picks.


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This series is originally from Norway and was a web series type of thing centered around a group of kids that attend the same school. It became hugely popular on social media sites and for good reason. Each season centered around a different main character and they are all so completely different from each other and yet you can relate in a way to every single one of them. The episodes are pretty short so you could binge watch it in a weekend.

El Internado

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This is by far one of my favorites of the whole list. This is a Spaniard TV series that you can watch on Netflix. The episodes are pretty long so you'll definitely have to take your time with this one. The concept of this series is so very interesting since it has historical, romance, and mystery elements. It centers around a group of kids at a boarding school that start realizing things at the institute are not as normal as they once appeared to be.

The Vampire Diaries

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This show needs no introduction. It was by far one of the most popular shows at one point. the fantasy and romance elements were highly addicting. I loved that there were always bad guys to spice up things. If you still haven't watched TVD I highly suggest you do so. The last season was mostly crap but every other season before it was so entertaining.

Gossip Girl

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Another very popular TV Show. I loved it because for a while you can escape to New York and live a glamorous life, however things aren't always as pretty as they seem. I enjoyed the realistic representation of Serena and Blair and the ups and downs of having a bestfriend. And of course every scene were Chuck and Blair were together was just pure magic lol.

One Tree Hill

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A great show! This one centers around two half brothers ( and their friends) who grew up in the same small town and yet avoided each other like the plague. That was until their lives collide on the basketball court. I really enjoyed the representation of this show and how real life based it was. In addition you get to see the characters grow from high school teens to adults.