Hey! It’s Meg here, and I hope you’ve been having an amazing day so far. If you haven’t, change that. Make the rest of your day great! Anyways,
this article will give you many theme ideas to use for Wishbone, Instagram, or just WHI collections. Dive right in! ♡

Credits to the owners of these images.

➴ Spring Indie

bright, indie, and pastel image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Well, it matches the season! Has beautiful pastels and tons of flowers. ;)

➴ Lights

light, girl, and photography image Image removed light, milkshake, and waffles image girl, book, and photography image
A truly magical theme. It makes me feel 5 years old all over again. :’)

➴ Red Vogue

red and red vogue image red, city, and building image red, fashion, and beauty image fashion, red, and coca cola image
Red is such an intriguing color. 😍

➴ Enchanted Purple

girl and summer image theme, purple, and starfish image winter, city, and snow image Image removed
Such a gorgeous theme! The tints of purple make it so aesthetically pleasing.

➴ Sunshine Yellow

yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image yellow, aesthetic, and flowers image yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image yellow, rose, and tumblr image
This theme makes me so happy every time I see it! Yellow is very cheerful.

➴ Pink & Gray

Temporarily removed makeup, Brushes, and pink image beautiful, fashion, and girls image girl, pink, and hair image
Super cute and casual.

➴ Emerald Citrus

Temporarily removed Image removed green, orange, and tropical image orange, green, and plants image
With mixes of orange and green, this is a very appealing theme.

➴ Golden Blush

makeup, pink, and gold image blush, flowers, and girls image blush, girly, and pink image blush, golden, and pumpkins image
I don’t see this theme being used often, which is sad because it’s quite a cute theme tbh.

➴ Midnight Blue

Image removed dark, feed, and gold image city, blue, and aesthetic image Image removed
I’m seriously in love with this theme currently.

That’s all for now! I hope you got inspired and found some new ideas to help you. Have a fantastic rest of your day, and remember to smile. Love you all!

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