"That girl is a wildfire." - Jasper Blaire

Alice Ancora of Lathe

Simple. Alice was raised by James and Celeste Ancora and became a high healer at the age of sixteen. She is known to be remarkably inelegant and possesses a great deal of magic for a Magi. She was trained by Caden Lura to be a warrior, and later was betrothed to him.

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When Caden was killed in the begining of the second war she takes his place as general of the Magi army with Beluar Weslynn as her second-in-command.

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Beluar and Alice's friendship extends far back in their childhood. Both of them were very close to Caden, and after his death they look to each other for support and strength.

Alice has to learn how to let go of Caden and face a war against a brutal fae race lead by Tobias Blaire. With the help of new a friend, Xavier Tussand, she is able to heal and grow and find herself along the way.

Forced to bend in these hard times she learns more about her past and discovers she is a changeling.

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Xavier discovers Alice is the daughter of Aurora Blaire and that she is a changeling. He helps her find a way to come back to her fae form.

Alice Blaire Lady of Light

As Alice learns more of her secret family history she has to decide how to continue on in a war that could be resolved by her. Xavier helps her adapt to being fae and helps her transition from her old life into her new one.

As comrades they fight to win a war. As companions they share a friendship unlike many others. But something more begins to grow between them.

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In a battle that takes a turn for the worst Alice's life is balanced on the end of a silver blade and only one thing can save her.

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[End of Part 1]