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  • Where will I live?
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Osaka, Japan
  • How will my apartment/house look like?
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Clean, white and bright.

  • What will I own?
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Mustang GT350, German Shepherd, bonsai, cafe, vegetable garden, fit body
  • With who will I live?
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With my husband and our children.
  • What kind of job will I do?
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Security (kind of)
  • Which will be my hobbies?
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Sewing, painting, playing piano, playing with my dog, cooking, writing, traveling, going to festivals
  • My relationships?
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Few very close male friends, one or two close girl friends, many great colleges and only one love of my life.
  • Fashion sense?
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Who knows? It will probably tend to change all the time. :)
  • Where will I travel for my vacations?
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Europe and Far East.
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