Happy Sunday!

What you do now will pay off this summer

Developing healthy habits are key in transforming your life, achieving your goals and living your best healthy life.

I’ve struggled with lack of motivation and just giving up when I don’t see results. But I’ve learned that after a certain amount of time, I’ve gotta ask myself how far I’ll let myself go before actually doing something to improve my health.

Developing healthy habits rests entirely on you, you have to make up your mind to get into shape and get that dream body!

fitness and motivation image fitness and motivation image
I’ve written down my goals in my bullet journal like this.

I started today and I’m going to exercise one hour per day, my goal is to lose 10-15 pounds till the end of April.

You have to see what works for you, write down your goals, and maybe you may want to create a table to check off your everyday progress.

Remember, today is another chance you have to change your life around and no matter how slow you are you are already lapping those who never tried.

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Much love for you all!


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