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1. How to get Away with Murder - drama series (on Netflix-4 seasons, not finished) Personally, I LOVE it, this is a tv series about a brilliant professor of defense law, Annalise (Viola Devis) and some of her students how have the capacity of make everything go wrong.
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2. Girlboss - comedy series (on Netflix-1 season, finished) A series about a determinate girl (Britt Robertson) how finds a way to earn some money by standing in her bedroom.
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3. The end of the f***ing world - humor (Netflix Original-1 season, not finished I hope) I really loved this series, it is different from those typical teen series and it made me laugh and cry at the same time - FABULOUS.
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4. Everything Sucks - teen drama (Netflix Original-1 season, not finished I hope) 1990's, in Boring, Oregon High School everything is going to change with the arrival of 3 nerds that will make something never seen before in Boring's High School.
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5. Money Heist - crime drama (Netflix Original-1 season, not finished) A group of eight criminals work together to make the biggest heist ever, but it won't be easy.

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