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so this is part 2 of the collaboration with my amazing friend Aisha!

•Aisha Crown•
•Aisha Crown•

and today's article is al bout Marvel superheroes aesthetics <3 so just tag yourself, who are you between:

Tony Stark

red, quotes, and black image robert downey jr, iron man, and tony stark image kiss, lipstick, and lips image background, scream queens, and lockscreen image jarvis and iron man image Image by ig: @justcharlye iron man, Avengers, and Marvel image mechanic, aesthetic, and hands image suit and man image car and red image

who needs sleep?
is a bit dysfunctional
likes robots
wishes to be taller
always junk food
math is fun
only speaks sarcasm
daddy issues


Steve Rogers

gym image stairs image captain america, chris evans, and steve rogers image america, flag, and Marvel image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It steve rogers image captain america, Marvel, and steve rogers image boots image Temporarily removed

cinnamon roll
weirdly calls you son
only talks about morals
adopts puppies
loyal friend
always late
secretly crushing on bestfriend


Bruce Banner

back, boy, and aesthetic image aesthetic, blue, and chemistry image quotes, war, and book image mark ruffalo and bruce banner image Temporarily removed Mature image green, aesthetic, and quotes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It science, aesthetic, and microscope image green, poison ivy, and aesthetic image

smol nerd
the nicest
but just a tiny little bit of anger issues
afraid of talking to people
tells other to be nice with themselves
needs more friends


Thor Odinson

Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, Avengers, and thor image sky, lightning, and grunge image Temporarily removed thor, chris hemsworth, and Marvel image Marvel and thor image black, brother, and tauofam image city image Temporarily removed gold, heart, and quotes image

crashes things
doesn’t understand jokes
likes everyone
casually good at everything
follows lots of cat pages
that’s my brother
still better hair than rapunzel <3


Clint Barton

boy, man, and model image adorable, animals, and bed image coffee and cup image hands, aesthetic, and boy image aesthetics, cool, and fantasy image Temporarily removed aesthetic, Supergirl, and kara danvers image dog, dog person, and person image Temporarily removed arrow and aesthetic image

only wants to sleep
family guy
looks intimidating but isn’t
good friend


Natasha Romanoff

Temporarily removed Mature image theme and aesthetic image Abusive image hair, red, and hairstyle image make up brushes, make up brush, and Brushes image Mature image makeup, eyes, and beauty image Temporarily removed girl, motorcycle, and black and white image

great hair
speaks 483 languages.
secretly wants to kill people. And could easily do that.
trust issues but at peace with it
kicks ass since kindergarten
must be a level 100 friend to unlock sad backstory
wears jeans so tight cause it feels so right


Peter Parker

jeans, aesthetic, and denim image boy, aesthetic, and guy image Temporarily removed nike, photography, and city image boy, vintage, and photography image Image by Havas Eva jump and sky image aesthetic, chemistry, and science image new york, new yorker, and sky image spiderman and Marvel image

is smol
gets teased a lot
can get clingy sometimes
super iron man fan
super cheerful
loves making new friends
eats the last piece of pie
cries at movies that aren’t sad
must be supervised all the time
people always forget to invite him to the party


Scott Lang

Image removed baby and kids image Image removed Temporarily removed aesthetic image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed keys image ant-man image boy, coffee, and morning image

great with kids
drinks too much coffee
pays attention to details
ant queen!
very good at group projects


Stephen Strange

hospital and aesthetic image aesthetic, cape, and red image hospital and ill image quotes, time, and neon image comics, Marvel, and movie image Image removed light, power, and fire image photography image aesthetic, screencap, and doctor strange image eyes, eye, and green image

always having a rough day
still super calm and concentrated
casually badass
25646 things to do, 0 time
"What would our lives be in other dimensions?"


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