One day you will be proud of who you become and one day you will be able to face to face the people who blame you yesterday but what about today ? You all know what matters is now , the past is past and the future is "so far away" so what ?

1- Focus on your dreams
things do happen by a coincidence sometimes but most of the times you decide it so be wise and do it. Plan your future and work for it. You can make it to the top.

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2- Get inspired
Things you love are as wide as your world and if you don't see this you surely need more inspiration. personnally , i always get inspired on weheartit or pinterest. As a future fashion designer discovering new fashionable stuff inspires me to make my own designs so do it your way.

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3- Try hard
You should make an effort because dreams don't come true easily and this is how dreams are supposed to be otherwise life won't have any taste don't ya see ?

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4- Take it easy
Yeah you should work for it but don't overdo i mean don't let your dreams prohibit you from having fun today. If you ever had the opportunety to go out with friends do it , don't stay alone on the grounds that you are busy

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5- Be brave
believe in yourself , be self-confident and speacially ignore wwhat people say behind your back because this is their place while you , you are fulfilling your hopes and having a joyful living. so dear let the critics be critics because people will always blame you and knock you down no matter what you do

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love xoxo